Mallory Faye is a writer, speaker, singer and hope activist.              

Mallory faye be freed

Purchase today and receive your SIGNED copy of Mallory Faye's book, "Be FreED, Recover from your eating disorder at any age".

doTERRA Consultant!

Mallory is now a doTERRA consultant! It is a company that has to deal with essential wellness oils that helped Mallory in recovery. She still uses them today. Her favorites are lavendar, grapefruit, and deep blue. Go join under Mallory today!


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Official Video! In the studio with Mallory Faye as she records her song "Something To Live For".


Sponsor of Beautifully Broken

Mallory is a proud sponsor of the non-profit organization Beautifully Broken.
Their mission statement is as follows:

"To diligently motivate others towards their purpose; overcoming the negative mind; shame, breaking common stereotypes and the shackles that weigh us down chaining us into silence keeping us forever imprisoned to our circumstances and negative influences. We will resolutely advocate for victims globally making a distinct revolutionary change, we will not falter, we will a make a difference, shining the light shattering the darkness, the negativity, and proving there is a beautiful life on the other side of it all, that there is a explicit irreplaceable purpose for every single human being, that with the right focus it is possible to look back and see that after all the torture that brought you to this place there is BEAUTY in BROKENNESS because it has led you to now, this moment, the time to rebuild a exceptional, vigorous, unstoppable version of you."
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Go purchase the "Combo Pack" where half of the proceeds benefit Beautifully Broken.

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Visit Beautifully Broken's Website!


My very first book, "Be FreED" is going to be released and I want each and every one of you to help me celebrate! There will be guest speakers including my friend Kirsten Haglund! There will also be entertainers throughout the night as well...some familiar names to you all. 

Including all of that, there will be a great silent auction to benefit ANAD - National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders

I will also be signing books and speaking as well. I hope you can make it. Together let's celebrate life and recovery..and of course my new book!

9599 Skokie BoulevardSkokie, Illinois 60077

JULY 2013 


We are so excited to announce that Mallory Faye is currently writing a book and has a publishing deal! Be on the look out for more updates as we can't wait to see this book in stores. 

MARCH 2013 


Mallory Faye was invited to LA to sing her single "Something To Live For" at the NEDA walk!! Mallory met some beautiful people on her trip and we hope you will see some of the pics on her PHOTOS page. 


We're so excited to announce the official release of "Something To Live For"!! Video is now on our website along with Youtube. Please be sure to watch the video and comment =) Would love to read them!! 

Single now available for purchase at my store along with other fun merchandise! 


Mallory Faye went into the studio last week and recorded her upcoming single, "Something To Live For". Look for the release in late Jan. 2013! 

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